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Arte A Mano


Gina Calderon Stowell is the daughter of a talented artist, Diana White Eagle from Illinois and a world traveled father, Jorge Calderon, from Central America. Gina then obviously inherited the love for the arts and travel from her parents. She has three siblings, Joey Calderon, Lark Calderon-Gomez and Mia Calderon-Davis, all talented artists in their own right. The name, Arte A Mano was thought up by Gina's younger sister, Mia, and Gina just absolutely loved it. It means, quite simply, "art by hand" in Spanish.  Gina offers art classes to children at different venues around the community. The actual studio is yet to come.


Since 1998, Gina Calderon Stowell has been teaching fine art classes to the delight of children in the Lake Tahoe area.  In 2004, she incorporated a nonprofit arts organization (The Elementary Arts Program) and implemented the fine arts program in all five LTUSD elementary schools in our community with the help of 150 parent volunteers reaching over 2,000 students.


She has also organized and taught fine art classes for the Valhalla Arts and Music Festival at the Tallac Historic Site, Lake Tahoe Community College “Kids College”, L.T.C.C. Community CONNECT, L.T. Middle School After School Enrichment, and Visions in Education Charter School.


Whether in a Kids College Workshop or in her own back yard, Gina recognizes her young pupils as artists, teaching the basics of fine art while giving them the tools to make their own creative decisions. She works hard to encourage the child’s creative impulses, and to promote free expression.



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